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We know how important reliable locking systems are for peace of mind, so we’re happy to offer them at competitive prices.

With our professional locksmith services, we’re able to provide quality locks and security solutions at reasonable prices. We offer high-quality locks and security products.

The British Standards Institution is an independent organisation whose role is to set standards for products and services within Britain. They test products and services to ensure they meet certain criteria. The tests include things such as how safe a product is, what materials it contains, how easy it is to operate, and if it can withstand various conditions.

For example, a company may wish to make sure that their product does not contain any toxic substances, or that it is safe to touch. The BSI also sets out guidelines for manufacturers so that they know what they should do to comply with these regulations. The BSI’s main office is located near our locksmith company in London.

Quality Locks by Local Locksmith

If you’re looking for a local approved lock replacement specialist to fit high quality secure deadbolt or door locking systems into your premises, we can provide them. We specialise in supplying high quality, affordable secure deadbolts and door locking systems at fair prices.

If you want to improve your front door’s overall safety, having a high-quality front door lock and key system is one way to go. It won’t just keep people out, but it will be extremely difficult for anyone who wants to get into your house.

Locks require some skill and knowledge. You must choose an expert who knows what they’re doing when installing them. If not, your current lock may be insecure and could possibly cause damage to your property.

For wood, UPVC, and composite doors, there are a variety of top-quality locks available at different prices. Spending a few extra pounds now could save you a lot of trouble later!

Mortice Locks - British Standard

Mortise sash locks mechanisms are used mostly for bedrooms. they usually need a cutout, or a "mortise," which is an opening formed by cutting out part of a door frame. These types of locks are usually installed inside the door, so they're hard to break into because the locking mechanism is built into the doorframe. Mortise locks and cylinder rim locks comply with either BS3621 or BS 8621 so insurance companies approve them.

Profile Cylinder Locks (Euro)

For exterior doors which use Euro profile cylinder locks, they provide greater levels of protection compared to the mortise sash system. They're also simpler to install, as the entire system doesn't require removal when replacing. This type of lock was invented by the company Lumière (now called Euro-Locking) which sold them under the name Euro Lock. They were first used on front/back doors; now they're available in many different styles and sizes.

Rim cylinder lock & Deadbolts

The rim cylinder lock is a type of pin tumbler lock. It was invented by the German locksmith Wilhelm Schubert in 1867 and patented on July 24, 1869. The name "rim" refers to the outer edge of the keyway that surrounds the bitted hole. In this design, the pins are arranged around the periphery of the cylinder rather than being evenly If you don't want to drill, then this type of lock is perfect for you. They're usually mounted onto the outside frame.

Smart Locks to Prevent Entry

Smart locks are technology that is being used to make life easier for people who live in apartments. These smart locks can be controlled by your smartphone and allow you to lock or unlock the door from anywhere. This means you don’t have to carry keys with you, which makes it much more convenient. The best part about these smart locks is that they can also be programmed to open or closed completely automatically.

UPVC Lock Repairs at Affordable Price

We are well versed of UPVC lock problems and UPVC lock installation in particular requires experience. We have been installing locks for over 20 years and we know how to do it right the first time. Our team is highly skilled and experienced and will ensure that your new lock is installed correctly and securely.

Our services include:

UPVC Door Locks

If you are looking for a door lock that is both stylish and functional, then the UPVC door locks from our range of products will be perfect. Our UPVC door locks come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. We have a wide selection of UPVC door locks available, including key operated locks, deadbolt locks and even biometric locks.

UPVC Window Locks

U-PVC window locks are the most popular choice for securing windows and doors. They offer a number of advantages over other types of window lock, including ease of installation, low cost, high security, and durability.

The main advantage of PVC window locks is that they can be installed in seconds without tools. This makes them ideal for use on emergency situations or when you need to secure your home quickly. The plastic material also provides an excellent barrier against intruders. It is resistant to weathering, moisture, and insects.

Security Lock for Your Home

We are a 24 hour locksmith service provider if you have gotten here on our site then chances are you might require us.

Do you own a home which requires you to get inside? Is your vehicle stuck in a garage somewhere? Do you have keys for your house or car that have fallen off the hook? Have you lost them because you were careless? Whatever issue may bring you here, we can help!

Our services range from providing general locksmithing services such as rekey locks, change locks, repair locks, unlock doors, install new locks, master key systems, CCTV security cameras, safe installations and much more. We also provide commercial locksmiths who specialize in industrial type locks.

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