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In MyLocksmith we are pleased to offer our clients exceptional locksmith job at economical rates.

In MyLocksmith our seasoned and skilled locksmiths will help you do exactly that having the cheapest and hassle-free process to get you out of your predicament.

We provide 24-hour emergency locksmiths from Tyne & Wear as well as a variety of planned solutions to maximize the safety of your house or company.

Very good quality locks offer peace of mind that your own home,
office or outbuildings are protected and that your fully guaranteed in the event of a fracture in.

But they’re a real problem when you discover you have misplaced your keys.
That is when you need a fantastic excellent locksmith for you from your fix and allow you to get on with your day.

Lock Change

When a door lock has been changed, essentially it means replacing the old or damaged lock using a completely new and different slice of locksmith lock hardware. Lock changes can be Necessary for a number of reasons.

Fixing a Lock

Commercial & Residential door locks need to be regularly inspected and serviced to ensure They’re Functioning as efficiently as possible.

Emergency Callout

In some cases you want to save yourself from unnecessary headache. Should you need assistance quickly, you need to call an emergency locksmith and be on your way!

Security Check

Most burglaries happen when a homeowner does not do their home security check and neglects to close each one the potential entry points into the home. The most basic way for a potential intruder to get into your house is through the door.

Emergency Lockout

After repairing the immediate problem they’ll advise on some other steps that will need to be taken to improve your safety,

and we could arrange to come back in a convenient time to perform any works which you need.

Lock problems can hit at any moment so we’re available 24/7.

Whatever your need and where you are in the Tyne & Wear place,

We’ll have an emergency locksmith for you immediately to find the problem sorted.

Scheduled Locksmith Works

Just like all security issues, prevention is better than cure.

A loose, worn lock is much worse since you may think your house is protected although a strong wind or a burglar can easily open it.

Old locks may get loose or stiff, and both have their own problems.

A rigid lock that is difficult to start will eventually quit working entirely and you will come home to find you can not get in.

You are able to avoid that hassle by getting the lock repaired as soon as you observe the issue.


    We are proud of being the most affordable locksmiths in Tyne & Wear.


    We quickly reach you for lockout or any other emergency assistance.


    Our locksmith solutions includes a wide variety of services to ensure your property secured.


    Our company is fully insured in case of anything happens we want to be prepared.

Tyne & Wear Area Statistics

Just how many locksmiths do you think working in Tyne & Wear?
Using a population of over 1,136,371 you can expect thousands of locksmith businesses only in that county.Nevertheless, the real question is, how many locksmiths are genuinely Professional and trustworthy?

Tyne & Wear: Locksmith Services

*Some of the statistics on the page ‘Tyne & Wear Locksmith’, was taken from Wikipedia.

Whether you Want an emergency locksmith to get a Fast fix or a planned trip for maintenance function,

Whether at home or at work you can’t put a price on security and reassurance.

In MyLocksmith we’re your best option for locksmith services in the Tyne & Wear region.

About us

We’re available 24/7 for all sorts of lock outs, repairs, lock modifications and any other emergency locksmith services and we all carry many common household locks so we can generally complete the job in 1 trip.

We’re your number one option for window and door security like repairs, replacements and insurance approved BS3621 upgrades and upgrades.
And we’ll provide free aid and security guidance along the way.

Our Tyne & Wear employees are experienced locksmiths with specialist knowledge and a commitment to great customer attention.

Whether you need a locksmith to attend to a issue right away or you would like a quotation for planned work, we are here to help.

All our staff are skilled and expert locksmiths with extensive knowledge and technical know-how.
And for additional measure, they are a friendly group too.

24/7 Locksmith Service

It may leave you feeling worried or anxious. Finding that you Are locked out of your property in Tyne & Wear is Greater than just an inconvenience, Our 24/7 emergency locksmith agency may get somebody to you whenever you can put you at ease and get you back in your premises.

Lock Out

What is more, we carry a wide range of UK locks and components required to get you in and carry out any necessary replacements. Lockouts can occur when keys are lost or broken or if there’s a problem with the lock. Our locksmiths have decades of business experience and there are few key or lock problems that we have not seen before.

Lock Replacement Service

Our lock replacement agency is excellent for new homeowners, allowing agents and company owners departing in Tyne & Wear. We’ll replace your old locks for new ones so that you may be sure that you know the whereabouts of every key to your house. We can also carry out a complete security check and replace standard locks using high-security locks for added reassurance.

Repairing broken locks

Either way, it’s best to get it replaced to prevent further problems rather than wait till you are locked out or burgled before fixing the problem. As time passes, the working parts inside a lock will wear and it can get difficult to turn on the key.
Even worse, the lock may get worn and become too easy to open.

Key Duplicate Services in Tyne & Wear

Tyne & Wear Lock Repair

With our Tyne & Wear’s onsite cutting service that you won’t come home to obtain the key you just had cut doesn’t fit.
We will cut and test the key there and then to make sure it matches perfectly.

Tyne & Wear Lock Repair

Tyne & Wear Locksmith

If you’ve dropped your keys or they’ve broken into the lock,
we’ll get you back into your house utilizing non-destructive approaches whenever possible.

Tyne & Wear Locksmith: Commercial Services

Commercial & Industrial Services

Maintaining your business premises protected during out of office hours and open during trading hours is crucial.
Our Tyne & Wear locksmiths are here to help you design out crime by assessing the security of this construction and advocating any necessary enhancements or adjustments.
And we are also there to help you when you turn up to work and find the key breaks from the lock.
We will get somebody out to you quickly to get you at the construction with as little trading time lost as possible.

Have you moved to Tyne & Wear?

Security Check

Once moving day comes and goes, your mind quickly shifts to your new residence and its security.

And many people choose to replace all of the locks for reassurance.

Lost, stolen, replaced, or duplicated keys from previous owners may pose an issue to the Security of your Property .

When it doubt, start fresh: get one of those qualified locksmiths to come to your home and change all of the locks.

How can you best secure your new home once you’ve moved in?

Whatever your locksmith requirements, give us a call and let Our expert make your home as safe as it can be.

And they will do a security check on your new home while they are onsite too.

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