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At MyLocksmith our technicians will help you using the most quick & hassle-free method to solve your lock issue at affordable prices.

As one of the largest locksmith firms in Berkshire, MyLocksmith supplies a wide variety of locksmith services in Caversham Heights as well as the neighboring areas to both residential and business clients.

Our team of  local locksmiths have several years of experience and are dedicated to offer the highest quality of products and services.

Our locksmiths are fully trained to install and repair any lock programs for your home including deadbolt door locks, padlocks and any other security hardware.

Don’t panic. Our 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services Available in Caversham Heights for Residential, Commercial and Automotive

In addition, we specialize in installation of quality locks & security systems to both residential and commercial clients.

Our professional technicians are friendly, communicative, and knowledgeable.

Give us a call!

Lock Change

Your house lock not working properly? Call us now.

Repair Door Lock

Good quality locks are an essential part of maintaining your home or business secure.

Emergency Lockout

Here at MyLocksmith we’re experts in non-destructive emergency entrance.

Security Inspection

Our safety check cover In addition to the front door lock, also your interior door windows & lock as well.

Caversham Heights Emergency Locksmith

We supply high quality lock and key solutions in Caversham Heights at any certain period of the day. Or the night.

Each and each of our locksmith understands how to safely and non-destructively select locks of all sorts

Oftentimes, people attempt to fix a damaged lock can results high-cost eventually. In the event you want a fast assistance, save yourself from unnecessary hassle and telephone one of our emergency locksmith instantly.

Whether your home has been burgled or your keys have been stuck in the ignition of your locked car, our emergency locksmiths are nicely equipped to handle all types of lockout or lock replacement circumstances.

Planned Security Works

When it comes to the security and safety of your house, you want to seek out experienced professionals you can trust.

MyLocksmith is a licensed and accredited company offering a wide Selection of residential locksmith services in Caversham Heights such as essential duplication, key cutting, lock fix, lock switch & security check.

We plan for perfection. All our works are finished to the highest standard exist, and trust us – we have a good eye for the tiny details.

Having a reputation built on honesty, quality services and affordable costs – MyLocksmith has been keeping Caversham Heights safe for over decades.


    We‘re proud of being the very affordable locksmiths in Berkshire.


    We quickly reach you to get lockout or any other emergency assistance.


    We offer both residential and commercial locksmith services in Caversham Heights.


    All MyLocksmith technicians are insured so you can have a peace of mind

Caversham Heights Area Statistics

Caversham Heights makes up makes up about one-fifth of Caversham as a whole, and contains most of the RG4 7 postcode sector. It falls largely within the Mapledurham ward of Reading Borough, together with the eastern border being inside Thames ward. Mapledurham ward has a region of 1.49 square kilometres and has a very low population density – at 2,020 individuals per square kilometre, only 2% of that of Reading general. In 2018, 3,010 individuals lived at the ward, with 18.3% of those being children aged 0-15 and 25.4% older than 65, and 11.3percent being non-white. They reside in 1,244 dwellings, of which 66 percent are detached. It is the least deprived ward in Reading, with only 2.3% of children being in danger of living in poverty and 2.9% of their working age population claiming benefits. 66.4% of individuals between 16 and 74 years are in employment, of whom 67 percent were in managerial/professional/technical occupations and 33 percent in specialist occupations.

How many locksmiths would you believe working in Caversham Heights?
With a population of over 0 you can expect hundreds of locksmith businesses just in that town.

Nevertheless, the real question is, how many locksmiths are truly Professional and reliable?

Caversham Heights: Service Area Covered

*Some of the statistics on the page ‘Locksmith services in Caversham Heights’, was taken from Wikipedia.

Whether in the home or at work you can not set a price on safety and peace of mind.
Whether you Will Need an emergency locksmith to get a quick fix or a planned visit for maintenance work,
In MyLocksmith we are your best option for locksmith services in Caversham Heights, Berkshire.

So.. Why us?

Our staff are skilled and experienced locksmiths with broad knowledge and technical know-how.

And for extra measure, they are a friendly bunch also.

We’re available 24/7 for all kinds of lock outs, repairs, lock adjustments and any other emergency locksmith services and we carry many frequent household locks therefore we can usually complete the job in one visit.

Our employees are experienced locksmiths with expert knowledge and a dedication to excellent customer care.

Whether you require a locksmith to attend to a issue right away or you’d like a quotation for projected work, we’re here to help.

We are your number one choice for window and door security such as replacements, repairs and insurance approved BS3621 upgrades and upgrades.

And we’ll provide free aid and security guidance on the way.

Instant Locksmith Services

Finding that you Are locked out of your property is Much More than just an inconvenience,

It may leave you feeling worried or anxious.

Our 24/7 emergency locksmith service will get someone to you whenever possible to set you at ease and get you back into your property.

Locked Out

Lockouts can happen when keys are lost or broken or if there is a problem with the lock.

Our locksmiths have years of industry expertise and there are not many lock or key issues that we have not seen previously.

What’s more, we take a wide assortment of locks and parts needed to get you in and carry out any necessary replacements.

Lock Replacement

Our lock replacement service is ideal for new homeowners,
Letting agents and company owners.

We’ll replace your old locks for new ones so that you may be sure you know the whereabouts of each key to your property.

We can also conduct a full safety check and replace standard locks with high-security locks for extra reassurance.

Fixing damaged lock

Over time, the working parts inside a lock will wear and it can get difficult to turn the key.
Even worse, the lock may get worn and eventually become too simple to start.

In either case, it’s best to get it replaced to prevent additional problems instead of wait until you are locked or burgled before repairing the problem.

Key Duplicate Services in Caversham Heights

Locksmith Services in Caversham Heights

Together with our Caversham Heights’s onsite key cutting service that you won’t come home to obtain the key you just had cut doesn’t match.
We’ll cut and test the key and to ensure it matches perfectly.

Caversham Heights Lock Replace

Locksmith in Caversham Heights

If you have lost your keys or they’ve broken in the lock,
we will get you back in your property using non-destructive methods whenever possible.

Industrial Locksmith Services in Caversham Heights

Commercial & Industrial

Maintaining your company premises protected during out of office hours and open during trading hours is crucial.
Our locksmiths are here in order to assist you look out crime by assessing the security of the building and advocating any necessary improvements or adjustments.
And we’re also there to help you when you turn up to work and locate the critical breaks from the lock.
We’ll get someone out to you quickly to get you in the construction with as little trading time lost as possible.

New Home Security Check

Just moved in to Caversham Heights?

After moving day comes and goes, your mind quickly changes to your new home and its security.

And lots of people decide to replace all the locks for peace of mind.

Lost, stolen, replaced, or duplicated keys out of previous owners can pose a problem to the Security of your Property .

When it doubt, start fresh: get among our qualified locksmiths to come to your residence and change all of the locks.

How can you secure your new house once you’ve moved in?

Our professional locksmiths will have the ability to estimate the currently installed hardware in your property.

And they’ll do a security check on your new home while they’re onsite too.

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